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For the first sixteen years of his life, Gideon has been content to do what is expected of him. Born in the Void between star systems, he’s trained every day to colonize an unexplored planet, now only months away after a 150-year journey. Gideon’s world is shattered when his mother is killed in a mysterious explosion. Somehow Gideon knows it was no accident, but the more he digs for answers, the more he’s obstructed by the elders, including his father

With the help of his best friend, Takomi, he breaks every rule on the ship to find the truth. They tumble down a rabbit hole that leads to the discovery of a shadow war between two secret societies and the realization that their parents are part of an ancient order guided by an alien race.

Now Gideon and Takomi must decide who to trust as they fight for survival in space and on a hostile planet. Insecurity will gnaw at Gideon as he’s thrust into situations where his actions will decide not only the fate of his people, but the fate of innumerable worlds.


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Children of the Void